For those of you who can’t figure shit out for yourselves..

There are people out there who have no idea what game to get or even what console to start with; you know who you are. I’m here to help you out a little. I’ll tell you what’s good in each one, but you’ll have to pick.

Wii has games for the whole family. Due to their strict filtering, you won’t even see blood. It thrives on buying titles, such as Sonic, and throwing them into their own consoles. Its biggest downfall is its lack of good games. Nintendo pushes out games very slowly, and typically sequels aren’t nearly as good as the original. Playing online with friends is also a pain in the ass, because in order to start a party with a friend, you have to enter a *more than* ten digit code just to identify them. Oh, and did I mention you don’t have microphones?

XBOX 360 publishes a lot of high-rating games. It has a wide range of titles and ratings from E to Ao and is not afraid to hurt some Jews’ feelings. Online gameplay is really smooth and is very user friendly. You can easily hook up with friends over XBOX Live and play without having to obtain a CD ID code as with Wii. When you purchase your own XBOX 360, a free 1-month free trial to XBOX Live, and creating an account is easy, too. Their only downfall is that playing online is not free, priced at about $50 annual.

PS3 has the most beautiful graphics for gaming systems. Because they use Blu-ray disks, the games are more than high-definition. If that wasn’t good enough, the disks can also hold a ridiculous amount of memory. This is good for people who don’t want to deal with 2-disk games. The online play is second-rate, but it’s free, so who gives a shit? However, they too have a problem with pushing games out. They put out a good game maybe once every three months, and even then, you could get the same game from 360 with faster updates. Did I forget to say that PS3 updates take forever? It’s because they don’t have money to do it!

PC gaming is where it’s at. This is where gaming really takes its form. People who really want to game should head for a nice PC with a good graphics card, and a nice internet connection. Online gameplay for the PC is great; it’s free, fast (if you have a good connection and aren’t stealing wireless from you neighbor), and has a HUGE community. Most of the time, games released on both the PC and a console tend to be better on the PC. Why? Sometimes the game could have better graphics, bigger online games, and maybe even enhancements that an Xbox or Playstation release might not have. Also available are expansions and user made content. When a company releases an update which adds a new set of maps to the game, an extra campaign, or something else, the download is free and quick. But…. on the Xbox, you have to pay Microsoft points to receive an expansion, which is a total rip-off. Finally, user created content. Most of the games released for the PC have the ability for a user to create content, such as skins, maps, weapons, vehicles, server scripts, and lots of other things. Can you do this on the Xbox? Not at all…

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