Blast from the Past: Need for Speed Underground 2: Part 1

Ok…so I decided to go pick up a PC version of Need for Speed Underground 2 in hopes to “relive” some of my most fond childhood gaming experiences and I have to say, I enjoyed it very much.

One of my biggest concerns with this game was the graphics, I know a games graphics does not determine its quality but sometimes it gets on my nerves. I have to say that, though the textures are not the best, the models are very well made and there are actual curves instead of lots of angled lines. I, of course, have the graphic quality the best it can possibly be. (my computer is awesome!)

When getting into the game for the first time I encountered my first problem…the control scheme, moreover the lack of it. Having played it on a GameCube when I was younger, I was not familiar with the control scheme at all…and this game graciously helped me by NOT having a control scheme option in the menus…well…not having one I could easily find. Part of my first day re-playing it involved me mashing my keyboard trying to figure out the controls…sadly, by the time I got the controls down…I found the control scheme.

Next problem I encountered where the frequent crashes of the game due to the fact I am running Windows XP 64-bit. It is not that big of a problem, I figured out how to avoid them, but they still will randomly occur. Oh, well?

Gameplay Time!

What really impressed me with this game is how “big” it is. You have hundreds of parts, unlimited amount of visual combinations, a free roaming environment, and it still fits on a measly 1.3GB. For that time, 2004, that was really good.

So I started off in Rachael’s Nissan 350z, like I did in when I was young, doing the races for some extra coin before I arrived at he Car Lot. After I arrived I was given the choice of my first car, I chose the Nissan 240sx. I did a few races in the slow-a** car and finally came across a body shop where I bought aftermarket rims, rear bumper, front bumper, and side skirts. Upon doing more races I progressively unlock other upgrades to tune my car to what you see here now. (Picture Below)

For my first sponsorship I decided to go with the one that had 3 Drag races…primarily because they are quick and easy money in the beginning of the game. After I got my car to a 1 Star visual rating I got my first Magazine cover shoot, easy money. Then I would proceed to get more magazine cover and DVD cover shoots as I won races.

I finished my second URL (major race) and am looking at buying a Toyota Supra when I beat the 4th. You unlock cars in your Car Lot as you beat URLs, 15 total.

My only concern is money, I remember money being a really “tight” thing in this game, almost only giving you one fully tuned car at the end. You can’t really change your mind mid way, you will run out of money.

I played for 2 hours last night and it was a load of fun, will be getting more updates soon.



    • punk
    • October 23rd, 2009

    my car is faster

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