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Game of the Year Candidates 2009

1) Beatles Rock Band
2) Call of(f) Duty MW2
3) Assassins Creed 2
4) Batman Arkham Asylum
5) Dragon Age Origins

Hand held:
1) Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks
2) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
3) Scribblenauts
4) Persona PSP
5) Little Big Planet PSP

Well those our, our (mine) Candidates for the 2009 Console and Hand held games of the year!


Fireside Game #1


Yes boys and girls, my number one fireside game is the original Metal Gear Solid (PSX,NGC,PSN)

Metal Gear Solid Box Art

Yes the First game is great! No matter what system! This game laid the ground work for all the MG games we have now and i am a HUGE metal gear fan although i am still on MGS2 i have read up on the story (except MGS4) and looking at how great Kojima has brought together all these elements from two different time periods to make ONE great story takes a lot of planning and thought process! So sir i give you a triple thumbs up for your story telling!

Honorable mentions:
Final Fantasy VII (PSX,PSN)
Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)
Super Mario Bros 3 (NES/SNES)
Final Fantasy VI (SNES,PSX,GBA)
Professor Layton 1 and 2 (DS)
Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)

Fireside Game #2

So the second spot goes to…
Beatles Rock Band!

(From left to right) John, Ringo, Paul, and George

Just play it! Its The best Music game mixed with the Best band ever!!! What could be better! They already have 3 of the 12 Albums out for DLC! JUST GET IT!!!

Fireside game #3

The number three spot goes to

If only they made this!!

This game is a staple in RPG culture! Chrono Trigger (Not Cross) is one of my favorite RPGs EVER! The multiple endings (Now 13 i believe)
provide for a VERY diverse gaming experience all be it that to get the “better” endings you have to beat the game once and then do a new game plus but its all worth it! The battle system is almost at a point of perfection, there are few flaws but what game doesn’t have flaws!?!? But i digress, this game is HIGHLY recommended by this site and its staff! It comes pretty cheap only 20.00 at game stop! so get it!

Fireside Games #4

So for the number four spot in my fireside games, i really had to battle it out and number 4 goes to

Best Characters you need no more or no less!

The original and best of the SSB series! It was put up on the Wii VC yesterday or the bay before, and i will probably download it this week and have friends over to play it. This game holds A LOT of childhood memories, Thanksgiving and christmas there was many a fight when one cousin would lose repeatedly to another! I LOVE this game i never owned the original but i have had it on the project 64 emulator! But its just not the same, so as many of you have a wii (Or your aunts and uncles as all of mine own a Wii) just download it pay the ten bucks and have HOURS of fun!

Fireside games/Fireside game #5

So yea if your a reader of Riddlethos you know Ethos has been doing the winter scape and fireside games so i thought i to would do a fireside games type of thing! I will count down the top 5 games that brings warmth to my heart on a cold winter night!
So #5 is the Disgaea Series

Disgaea 3 NA Box art

Weather it be on a PS2, PSP, or PS3 these games are great by the fire, on the road or just about anywhere these games will keep you entertained and in a happy mood! These games always have a funny and light tone to them! Along with the Digaea games the Prinny can i really be the hero PSP/PSPgo game is a great plat former! So if these games aren’t on your christmas list ACT FAST the big man in red will be here soon! 🙂