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Thanks Microsoft!

I got my frist Xbox 360 Pro 11/9/06…three long and fun years ago.

To my dismay, my console got an E74 error (much like the RROD) and I had to cough up $300 for an Elite. Conviently my warranty of three years ended just a few months prior.

My brother, DaveryPocket, was able to successfully fix the E74 error and now I have two Xbox’s.

I was wanting a new Xbox primarily because of the 120GB HDD. After getting 7200MS points for XMAS I plan on buying Games on Demand from the marketplace…my old 20GB would not have enough room.

I just bought NFS: Most Wanted and that alone was 6GBs.

Sorry I haz not been posting lately, a little busy.

DaveyPocket and I recently purchased a Pac-Man arcade (the real thing, cabnet in all) and we will have a story on that shotely.


Introduction: tactical77

Hello fellow gamers,

I grew up as a fan of console gaming. My first console was N64, which I probably enjoyed the most out of all systems. I was still in elementary school and loved to challenge my friends in many games such as Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart 64. Now in Highschool, my game scene has channged. With the release of the Xbox 360 my gaming mentality changed. I discovered online Halo 2 and was hooked. By the time I was done I logged over 3500 online games and probably another 1000 custom games not recorded on stats. I love both the PC and the Xbox 360. I now enjoy playing CSS, DODS, TF2, L4D, H3, H3ODST, COD4, and NFSS. I have a Wii…but I am not impressed. I do not like the PS3, you could call me a PS3 h8ter, but when a good game is on the PS3, i’ll give it credit.

Happy to be hear!!! Can’t wait to contribute.