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Trailer of the Week (Nov 1st-7th)

Well here we are and for the first time ever i am going to do a review of a trailer for Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourgalss Train Editio- I mean Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, but first here is the trailer
And Video of the week goes to The Summer Semester original Helter Skelter
So yea come back Sunday for my LoZ ST trailer review


Video and Trailer of the weak!

Yea i know i spelled week wrong but it was a weak week for the site i dont think we go over 20 views, which i think is ok but could be better…
so one bit of news before we start i have started the Facebook group for this website here is the link

So here is Video of the week and it goes to Video Game Vault: Super Troll Islands by Screw Attack

Trailer of the week is The TGS Japanese Extended Trailer of Valkyria Chronicles 2
Well that’s all for now check back later today for Mike Hawks SECOND POST EVER!!!!
and hopefully by monday Forum Reaper will post his Kingdom hearts: 358/2 days review!