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Video of the Week 2010!

So the Video of the week for is The Bobby Brown Tapes Vol. 3 (Chrystfreek Outtakes) (EXPLICIT) Its a very funny video if you want to know more of the Bobby Brown saga watch
The Bobby Brown Tapes (Mega64 “Sytefreek” Outtakes)
Mega64: Prycefreek (HD)
The Bobby Brown Tapes Vol 2 (Prycefreek Outtakes) (EXPLICIT)


Fireside Games #4

So for the number four spot in my fireside games, i really had to battle it out and number 4 goes to

Best Characters you need no more or no less!

The original and best of the SSB series! It was put up on the Wii VC yesterday or the bay before, and i will probably download it this week and have friends over to play it. This game holds A LOT of childhood memories, Thanksgiving and christmas there was many a fight when one cousin would lose repeatedly to another! I LOVE this game i never owned the original but i have had it on the project 64 emulator! But its just not the same, so as many of you have a wii (Or your aunts and uncles as all of mine own a Wii) just download it pay the ten bucks and have HOURS of fun!

New Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Pics

So in a recent Famitsu article that I would assumen came out over the weekend/today Square Enix released afew pictures of their upcoming PSP Action RPG Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. If you want to see these cool new pics check out the link below but beware of small spoilers to the story of BBS!!!!!!!!


Trailers and Videos of the week will go back to being weekly

Trailer of the Week (Nov 1st-7th)

Well here we are and for the first time ever i am going to do a review of a trailer for Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourgalss Train Editio- I mean Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, but first here is the trailer
And Video of the week goes to The Summer Semester original Helter Skelter
So yea come back Sunday for my LoZ ST trailer review

Video and Trailer of the Week

For video of the week the “award” goes to Scribblehotz by Mega 64

The Trailer of the week is The Final Fantasy XIII TGS English Trailer

Features of the Site

Ok so here are some of the things that you can expect to be an almost weekly feature from this lowly wordpress blog!
1. link to the video of the week. yea I’m poor and I don’t have a job.. so i can’t really pay for the space to post videos so for now just click the link.
2. Review, i can say right now we will have a weekly review, since its only me and reaper it will take a bit to get reviews started, i already have a review ready to post for Fire Emblem on the Wii which will be posted today!
3. Weekly news round up. A round up of the most important video game news!
4. trailer of the week. Just like the video of the week, we will have a video game related trailer or video that we will promote.

Well that’s all for the Features…. for now…..