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Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3/360)

Batmman Arkham Asylum Cover

In the vain of the first good “movie based game” X-men Origins, Batman AA came out and kicked everyone’s ass and combined The Metal Gear style Sneaking, The action of God of War and a DAMN GOOD story that can be loosely said as a Dark Knight Squeal! Even if you have not played games since the SNES get a PS3 and GET THIS GAME! Hopefully the Second game, promptly named Batman Arkham Asylum 2, looks really good and i cant wait for it!

Runner Up: The Beatles Rock Band

Hand held: Professor Layton 2 (DS)

Professor Layton UK Box Art

Ok so this only got game of the year over the Runner up because it has a better stand alone story! The runner up being Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and the “stand alone” story of Professor Layton is a TON better than KH:358/2 Days aka Kingdom Hearts Dumb Name! But story aside this game (Professor Layton) works a HARDCORE Puzzle game and a DAMN good Mystery into one special and great gaming experience! Now comparing this to Professor Layton 1 the puzzles are EASY! But these puzzles in the second game are at a medium difficulty! But still many of the latter puzzles are just easy, but where the puzzles weaken the Story really picks up and the same can be said when the story is weak the puzzles are fun and really brain teasing! So i do recommend a walkthrough for this game!
Runner Up: Kingdom Hearts Dumb name

Well thats the 2009 games this year!
See y’all in 2010!


Extra Life 2009!

Extra Life 2009!!!

Extra Life 2009!!!

so i’m going to be in a 24 hour game marathon called extra life and i will be useing this website as a platform for what im doing im probably going to upload what im playing via podcast, i might have the other staff members hop on with me and talk about stuff going on and such.
if you dont know what extra life is go here
if you want to donate to my page go here
by the way we have a fourth staff member! His will introduce himself when need be but his main job will be advertising the site!! so “Bob” when ever your ready POST!!!!

Features of the Site

Ok so here are some of the things that you can expect to be an almost weekly feature from this lowly wordpress blog!
1. link to the video of the week. yea I’m poor and I don’t have a job.. so i can’t really pay for the space to post videos so for now just click the link.
2. Review, i can say right now we will have a weekly review, since its only me and reaper it will take a bit to get reviews started, i already have a review ready to post for Fire Emblem on the Wii which will be posted today!
3. Weekly news round up. A round up of the most important video game news!
4. trailer of the week. Just like the video of the week, we will have a video game related trailer or video that we will promote.

Well that’s all for the Features…. for now…..

Opening day!!

Wow here we are on this word press blogs opening day and I’m here to tell everyone who is reading about what this blog is about!
1. we primarily talk about video games and news about the video game industry.
2. we will write reviews and editorials about video games and the industry
Those are our two main aspects!
First let me introduce myself, i am Pierson “Blitzmage” Stone and i had the idea to start this blog, i am currently looking for staff, i have one staff member and i will let him introduce himself when he wants to. but i just wanted to introduce myself and the blog. If you want to apply for staff email me at! Please tell me what systems you have when you started gaming and what parts of the industry you would like to cover!