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Features of the Site

Ok so here are some of the things that you can expect to be an almost weekly feature from this lowly wordpress blog!
1. link to the video of the week. yea I’m poor and I don’t have a job.. so i can’t really pay for the space to post videos so for now just click the link.
2. Review, i can say right now we will have a weekly review, since its only me and reaper it will take a bit to get reviews started, i already have a review ready to post for Fire Emblem on the Wii which will be posted today!
3. Weekly news round up. A round up of the most important video game news!
4. trailer of the week. Just like the video of the week, we will have a video game related trailer or video that we will promote.

Well that’s all for the Features…. for now…..


Opening day!!

Wow here we are on this word press blogs opening day and I’m here to tell everyone who is reading about what this blog is about!
1. we primarily talk about video games and news about the video game industry.
2. we will write reviews and editorials about video games and the industry
Those are our two main aspects!
First let me introduce myself, i am Pierson “Blitzmage” Stone and i had the idea to start this blog, i am currently looking for staff, i have one staff member and i will let him introduce himself when he wants to. but i just wanted to introduce myself and the blog. If you want to apply for staff email me at! Please tell me what systems you have when you started gaming and what parts of the industry you would like to cover!