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Review of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

This is the most recent installment into the Kingdom Hearts Series. If you were expecting another chain of memories failure,then you are going to be pleasantly surprised with this game. The gameplay is very similar to the original kingdom hearts game with the addition of the new panel system. Alright, so here’s the breakdown:

Challenge: Overall, the game is fairly easy as long as you have the right panels equipped. There are, however, some parts that do give you a real challenge, mainly some of the bosses med-late game. overall, i give it a 8/10.

Controls: Although a bit blocky at times, a good job done on it. The only thing that makes it blocky is that there is no analog stick, just a control pad. Most people who are used to control pads will find the controls very easy. Even those new to the DS system will find it very easy to pick up. I give it a 9.5/10.

Graphics and Music: Overall, a very well-designed game. The graphic are very good for the DS especially the cutscenes which are extrodanarily well done. The music is very good as well, although it really could’ve used some new music as most of the music is from any of the previous games with no real new music. It clocks in at about a 8/10.

Character Customization: The character customization is really limited to just the panels you give them as, there are no alternate costumes to choose from. It would be nice to be able to give the characters a few more wardrobe choices. However, the panel systems works fairly well if not annoying as you constantly have to change the panels to get more emphasis on either magic or strength etc. Overall, an 8/10.

Length/Storyline: At times, it seems like you play the game for so long and don’t see much progress that you just say, “I’m done for the day”. However, if you look at the game as a whole, its a good length and will last you a while just for the story. It should last a while longer esp. if you have friends with the game and all do the multiplayer mode which is quite fun. However, it does tend to get repetitive due to the fact that there are only a limited number of types of missions that are given and that there are so many of them. The storyline is extremely well-written, filling in a lot of the blank spots left by KH1, KH2, and KH chain of memories. Overall a 9.5/10.

This game is definately a good game to pick up whether you are a fan of the series or not as it will keep you occupied for a while and it is very fun. Overall, the game is a solid 9/10.