Fireside Game #2

So the second spot goes to…
Beatles Rock Band!

(From left to right) John, Ringo, Paul, and George

Just play it! Its The best Music game mixed with the Best band ever!!! What could be better! They already have 3 of the 12 Albums out for DLC! JUST GET IT!!!


Fireside game #3

The number three spot goes to

If only they made this!!

This game is a staple in RPG culture! Chrono Trigger (Not Cross) is one of my favorite RPGs EVER! The multiple endings (Now 13 i believe)
provide for a VERY diverse gaming experience all be it that to get the “better” endings you have to beat the game once and then do a new game plus but its all worth it! The battle system is almost at a point of perfection, there are few flaws but what game doesn’t have flaws!?!? But i digress, this game is HIGHLY recommended by this site and its staff! It comes pretty cheap only 20.00 at game stop! so get it!

Fireside Games #4

So for the number four spot in my fireside games, i really had to battle it out and number 4 goes to

Best Characters you need no more or no less!

The original and best of the SSB series! It was put up on the Wii VC yesterday or the bay before, and i will probably download it this week and have friends over to play it. This game holds A LOT of childhood memories, Thanksgiving and christmas there was many a fight when one cousin would lose repeatedly to another! I LOVE this game i never owned the original but i have had it on the project 64 emulator! But its just not the same, so as many of you have a wii (Or your aunts and uncles as all of mine own a Wii) just download it pay the ten bucks and have HOURS of fun!

Fireside games/Fireside game #5

So yea if your a reader of Riddlethos you know Ethos has been doing the winter scape and fireside games so i thought i to would do a fireside games type of thing! I will count down the top 5 games that brings warmth to my heart on a cold winter night!
So #5 is the Disgaea Series

Disgaea 3 NA Box art

Weather it be on a PS2, PSP, or PS3 these games are great by the fire, on the road or just about anywhere these games will keep you entertained and in a happy mood! These games always have a funny and light tone to them! Along with the Digaea games the Prinny can i really be the hero PSP/PSPgo game is a great plat former! So if these games aren’t on your christmas list ACT FAST the big man in red will be here soon! 🙂

New Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Pics

So in a recent Famitsu article that I would assumen came out over the weekend/today Square Enix released afew pictures of their upcoming PSP Action RPG Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. If you want to see these cool new pics check out the link below but beware of small spoilers to the story of BBS!!!!!!!!


Trailers and Videos of the week will go back to being weekly

Feeling a little festive

For the past few years I have been occasionally buying new cold cathode lights to replace the broken ones in my gaming computer. This time around I decided to mix it up. Blue has been the color of my computer for past 3 years and it is starting to become boring.

As I mentioned above, I occasionally bought new lights. I have been having bad luck with cold cathode. The only kind of cold cathode I was able to find at my computer store were the cheap $5 brand that break after 4 months. This was frustrating me. I felt that I had no other choice but to go with LED lights. The only problem I thought would come about with LED is that the LED lights would be directional only making the light not fully light up the case, I was wrong. They’re freakin’ awesome!!!! 😀

You will see the lights are red and green. As my house is decorated for the holidays, I thought I might as well decorate my computer 😀

Anyway, the whole process went something like this…:

Whenever I see my lights die (Yes… this happened multiple times), I notice they are not as bright as they first were. The image below shows the light (10x brighter when first purchased):

Here you can see the light being dim (Though the lighting as an effect on camera):

Removing the light:

As you can see, one end of the cold cathode tube is cracked internally, no way of fixing

Installing the new lights:

Adding some duct tape to keep some wires down:                         Red light installed:


Green light installed:                                                  Green light powered on:


Red light powered on:                                                They work!

Red Newly positioned lights

Final result:

Festive :D

Summary – The installation of the new lights was successful and the result is amazing. Below is a list of pros and cons for cold cathode and LED lights. Remember, this is based on my experience. What is described below is based on how I feel about the types of lights I bought, I know there are better brands out there in the world, but this is what I got.

LED lights – Pros:

  • EXTREMELY bright!
  • Connect directly to power supply through molex connector
  • Long cables which makes putting lights in far places easier
  • Will most likely last longer

LED lights – Cons:

  • Could be expensive ($15 for each light, as opposed to $10 for two cold cathode I bought)
  • No on/off switch (The lights I bought didn’t have any)
  • When looking at the lights directly, the rod looks dotty. This meaning that the light is not consistent moving down the rod since it is just a bunch of LEDs spaced out.
  • To me, they are not as cool as cold cathode
  • Depending on brand, lighting may only be directional

Cold cathode lights – Pros:

  • Lighting is consistent throughout the rod
  • Also extremely bright
  • Ambient light
  • On/off switch

Cold cathode lights – Cons:

  • Requires that power converter thing (That weird blue box that takes up space)
  • The cables on the rods are short (At least the rods I bought)

Video and Trailer of the week!

So I’m out of town for this weekend and i have not posted a Video/Trailer in a long time so in honor of me not being here I get to post a new video and trailer of the week
So the Video of the week is Super Mario Bros Stop Motion IRL And Trailer of the week is 3D Dot Heroes Debut Trailer