Fireside games/Fireside game #5

So yea if your a reader of Riddlethos you know Ethos has been doing the winter scape and fireside games so i thought i to would do a fireside games type of thing! I will count down the top 5 games that brings warmth to my heart on a cold winter night!
So #5 is the Disgaea Series

Disgaea 3 NA Box art

Weather it be on a PS2, PSP, or PS3 these games are great by the fire, on the road or just about anywhere these games will keep you entertained and in a happy mood! These games always have a funny and light tone to them! Along with the Digaea games the Prinny can i really be the hero PSP/PSPgo game is a great plat former! So if these games aren’t on your christmas list ACT FAST the big man in red will be here soon! 🙂

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