Feeling a little festive

For the past few years I have been occasionally buying new cold cathode lights to replace the broken ones in my gaming computer. This time around I decided to mix it up. Blue has been the color of my computer for past 3 years and it is starting to become boring.

As I mentioned above, I occasionally bought new lights. I have been having bad luck with cold cathode. The only kind of cold cathode I was able to find at my computer store were the cheap $5 brand that break after 4 months. This was frustrating me. I felt that I had no other choice but to go with LED lights. The only problem I thought would come about with LED is that the LED lights would be directional only making the light not fully light up the case, I was wrong. They’re freakin’ awesome!!!! 😀

You will see the lights are red and green. As my house is decorated for the holidays, I thought I might as well decorate my computer 😀

Anyway, the whole process went something like this…:

Whenever I see my lights die (Yes… this happened multiple times), I notice they are not as bright as they first were. The image below shows the light (10x brighter when first purchased):

Here you can see the light being dim (Though the lighting as an effect on camera):

Removing the light:

As you can see, one end of the cold cathode tube is cracked internally, no way of fixing

Installing the new lights:

Adding some duct tape to keep some wires down:                         Red light installed:


Green light installed:                                                  Green light powered on:


Red light powered on:                                                They work!

Red Newly positioned lights

Final result:

Festive :D

Summary – The installation of the new lights was successful and the result is amazing. Below is a list of pros and cons for cold cathode and LED lights. Remember, this is based on my experience. What is described below is based on how I feel about the types of lights I bought, I know there are better brands out there in the world, but this is what I got.

LED lights – Pros:

  • EXTREMELY bright!
  • Connect directly to power supply through molex connector
  • Long cables which makes putting lights in far places easier
  • Will most likely last longer

LED lights – Cons:

  • Could be expensive ($15 for each light, as opposed to $10 for two cold cathode I bought)
  • No on/off switch (The lights I bought didn’t have any)
  • When looking at the lights directly, the rod looks dotty. This meaning that the light is not consistent moving down the rod since it is just a bunch of LEDs spaced out.
  • To me, they are not as cool as cold cathode
  • Depending on brand, lighting may only be directional

Cold cathode lights – Pros:

  • Lighting is consistent throughout the rod
  • Also extremely bright
  • Ambient light
  • On/off switch

Cold cathode lights – Cons:

  • Requires that power converter thing (That weird blue box that takes up space)
  • The cables on the rods are short (At least the rods I bought)
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