The Next GTA not in New Yo- Liberty City

GTA Liberty City, ITS OVER! Poster

New GTA Poster, Bye bye Liberty City!

Well we don’t really know where the next GTA will be set, but we do know that the next Grand Theft Auto will NOT be set in New Yo- I mean Liberty City.

In the manual of the recently released Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City a teaser picture is shown declaring that “Liberty City, It’s Over” and at the bottom it says “Next Stop” with the corner torn, showing some landscape and the word ‘Seagull’.

This could mean anything but….as Destructoid points out, wasn’t Vice City known for its beaches? We all know Seagulls, those pesky buggers, are quite common in beach areas, but then again seagulls aren’t exactly a rare breed of bird which opens up the possibilities to just about anywhere.

It’s nice to know the next GTA will feature a change of scenery but where this scenery will be is the question. Where do you think the next GTA will take place?

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