Final Fantasy III Review

Final Fantasy III Logo
Final Fantasy III for the DS…. Memories, memories. I got this game on launch day and it took me almost over a year to beat it. So this is a good RPG for the DS if you like your old school RPG’s. This game has a job system, a unique Magic system and turn based battles. So you could play this game or pull out your NES and play Final Fantasy I.
The magic system in this game is just like the old FFI magic system. You have a certain amount of time you can cast your spells before you have to rest at an Inn to “regain” the 6 times I can cast Cure. But unlike the battle system in FFI when you select an Enemy with more then one Character and that enemy dies in turn causing the other characters that selected that enemy not to attack, that no longer happens the character just attacks the next enemy. Your options for your attack menu are Attack, Magic, *Job’s special skill*, Item, Defend, Flee.

The main battle screen

The main battle screen

So the Job system, you start out with your 4 characters as freelancers that can use most too all weapons and tear 1 magic.
You first start out with Luneth, as seen in the opening video he is your warrior, I used him as my Dark Knight Warrior or Knight for 100% of the game. Next you get Arc, Arc in the opening Video is a Black Mage, I used him as my Black Mage but I also used him with every mage class but the two White Mage Classes I saved those for Refia, Refia is the third character you get, but she is my White mage through 100% of the game! Next character is Ingus. He is your in training knight trying to “wow “The Princess of the Land, Lady Sara. So he was my DD/other Tank through out the game. So the job system has A LOT of jobs so you can have a full party of black mages or white mages or warriors whatever! What im trying to say is their so many job classes that you can have whatever kind of party you want! I will post a Complete Job list in the forum post about this when I find a complete list aka when I look in my guide book again!
So the story is that there are four elemental or light crystals and there are four dark crystals, when one of the sets of crystals gets to much power the other set finds four warriors to set everything straight. So in this game it has been some time since the dark warriors came into the light world and set the balance, but with setting the balance they also scarred the world by splitting it into two! So your job now, as the four warriors of light, is to set everything straight again because the dark crystals are getting to much power! Also there is an underlying plot about this mage guy and his three students (which the one with the dark skin is the last boss!) but I could never really figure out what that story was it was only fleshed out toward then end when you are about to jump into the never ending darkness but whatever you if want the complete story go to wikipedia or play the game and maybe you will get it! I’m not going to tell you the whole story because I want you guys to play it because it’s a GREAT game! So that’s all im going to tell you of the story!
So the music in this game is great, the score was done by none other then Nobuo Uematsu! By far a great score but as in a lot of RPG’s, loops and many themes are reused and recycled. But all and all great music!
So the final scores
Game play:8
Musical Score : 9
Story :7
Graphics 9.5
Replay value:6
Final Score:8

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