Pausing and saving in video games

Two of the building blocks of video games are the Pause function and the ability to save. When gaming started some thirty years ago very few games on consoles had a pause function and none of them had a save function! Now a days your game would be FUCKED if you don’t have any sort of save/pause function. So Now a days what makes saving good and bad, what advancements has the pause function made?
Save Function
Now saving in past was either on a memory card or on the cartridge, in present day saving is on a hard drive. Saving on a hard drive that’s inside a video game platform has its down fall especially if your system breaks **cough** Xbox 360 **cough**. When saving on a memory card or the cartridge if your system died you knew your games were SAFE! Now i feel that if my Wii or PS3 over heats there is the small possibility that it could be fucked and then i would have to send it in to Nintendo/SONY and hopefully they can recover my save files! Also with portable memory cards you can go to a friends house with just your memory card and play your save files on this game system!
Verdict: Cartridge and Memory card saving is better!

The Way saving should be if the memory cards were free

The Way saving should be if the memory cards were free

Now pausing in video games has pissed me off! Back in the day when you paused everything would stop and you can go away get a coke or a hot pocket and come back and pick up RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT OFF AND NO TIME IS ADDED! As some of you know I’m a gamer who LOVES RPG’s and the game clock in RPG’s is a big deal and to me and if my game clock is off by four or five hours and im near the begging of a game I will restart and replay so i have an accurate game clock! Now this fall i have been playing only two RPG’s on my PS3 and they are Eternal Sonata and Final Fantasy VII (PSN) and i have noticed two EVERY different ways of pausing. In FFVII you can only use the pause function in battle and it really only pauses the battle not the game clock, which on my first play through of FFVII some years ago i didnt know so i puased it and went away for a few hours come back and saw that my game clock was well 5 hours ahead! Well as a 12 year old kid i was pissed, i turned off the game and re-did everything up to the point where i puased for 5 hours, i had to go through the Temple of the cetra and **spoiler** Areis’ death! and that is how to my obsession with the RPG game clock. Flash forward 5 years latter and im playing eternal sonata (PS3) and pause and come back to see my game clock had also paused! I let out a joyful cry of glee and continued to play on and pause at my hearts content!
Verdict: Pausing should Stop EVERYTHING in a Game





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