Fire Emblem Wii Review!

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii ……. Where to start? Well I will start off start with the story! Well Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn starts 3 years after the Game Cube game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. So in this game there are going to be A LOT of cameo’s from the Game Cube game. So before playing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn please to understand the story play FE: PR!
Ok with that out of the way let me start with the new stuff that has come with this game! First there is a new race, well it was their before but you didn’t know it, they are called the Branded. The Branded are people who some where in their blood line or their parents where Beorc and Laguz. There are a few that pop up as returning characters *cough*Soren*cough*. Another new thing in this Game is the 3rd tear classes. Yes people the Paladins get more power to kill everything in sight. But with the 3rd tear the game starts most characters on the 2nd tear. There are 6 characters that start on the 1st tear. The two best 3rd tear classes in my opinion are Marksman (3rd tear after Sniper) and Gold/Sliver Knight (3rd tear of Paladin). Also the Graphics update is ok they made every thing look A LOT more cell shaded.
One problem with the new stuff is that classes are separated by their main weapon that the class uses a.k.a Axe Paladin, Sword Paladin, Lance Paladin, and Bow Paladin also Sword, Axe and Lance Generals. All the generals can use a sub weapon that is the weapon that beats their main weapon. When Generals become Marshals they can use all weapons but bows. Like all FE games when a character dies he/she is gone for good! Also the difficulty level in this is by far the hardest out of the last 3 put together, so if your one of those people who wants to keep all their characters you will have a lot of restarting on your Wii to do!

The Main Battle Screen

The Main Battle Screen

The story is split into 4 parts; the first part is mostly with the newer characters like Micaiah and her Dawn Brigade, witch includes all new characters except for Sothe. Part 2 is with the queen/princess of the last game and her fight to become more accepted in the high court of Crimea. Part 3 is with Ike and The Laguz Alliance and their fight against the Empire. Part 4 is all three groups coming together and fighting the dark goddess. The main Enemy country in this game is the Empire of Begnion and its senators, but that does not include the Empress and her holy knights. At the end of the game for each character that is still alive, like at the end of the second game boy advance Fire Emblem, you will get the story of what happened to them after the final battle. The one thing I’m wondering about is Ike’s story after the final battle is that he goes sailing off into the sunset for unknown lands and I was thinking maybe he could be related to Marth (Fire Emblem 1/ Fire Emblem DS and Super Smash Bros. Melee) or Hector from the first Fire Emblem to come to the Game Boy Advance.
Ike as he is in SSBB

Ike as he is in SSBB

This is by far the best Fire Emblem in the 5that we have gotten in the U.S.A. so far. I loved every minute of playing that darn game and this summer I will be doing a gaming blog on the website of my second play though of it and many other games. My scoring goes on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the best 1 be the worst
Game Play:8.5
Musical Score: 9
Story: 10
Graphics: 8
Replay Value: 10
Final Score/Average: 9

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